We, an interdisciplinary group of scholars from the RuhrCenter of American Studies, put together this forum surrounding the U.S. Presidential Election. This website aims to provide insight into the current political situation and its socio-cultural and historical contexts en route to the 2020 election. Given the scope of issues addressed by any election, the rapid changes in the current news cycle, and our limited resources, we could not do justice to all topics. We have therefore decided to provide in-depth information about some issues while others are only mentioned in passing or not at all. Also, while the presidential election is the motivation for the project, contributions did not only focus on the two main candidates. Rather than dealing with individuals, we opted to center broader issues and themes that the United States and its population have faced in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We hope that our selection will provide you with new perspectives and insights.

We invite you to explore all sections of the website but begin with a short explanation of one of the unique features of U.S. democracy: the Electoral College.